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Direct Deposit: Safe, Secure.

Where will you be when your paycheck is deposited? Enroll in Direct Deposit today!

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is a safe and secure way to have your paycheck, pension, Social Security and other sources of income credited to your checking, savings or prepaid account electronically.

Don’t wait in line! Your time is valuable. You no longer have to try to fit a trip to the bank into your schedule. Since your money is deposited electronically, there is no reason to wait in long bank lines to deposit your check. Access your money as soon as it posts to your account.

It’s safe! With Direct Deposit, you don’t have to worry about your check being lost or stolen. Your source of income is sent directly to your bank account!

If you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit, contact us or stop by a local branch and speak with one of our friendly personal bankers.