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Personal Savings & CDs

Putting customers first since 1901.

Having a good savings plan is essential to financial health. We offer an assortment of savings products to correspond with your needs.

Savings Account

Our Savings Account is a traditional savings solution with a low minimum balance requirement. It is perfect for customers who are looking for a simple and easy way to save. Save more to earn more!

Money Market

Our Money Market Account provides you the benefits typical of both a savings and a checking account, and is a great option for someone that wants access to funds while saving money. 

Kids Count

The Kids Count Savings Account is an excellent way to teach your child financial responsibility. This account is designed for you and your child to begin saving for his or her future, showing them that every dollar counts.

Fixed Rate CD

A Fixed Rate CD allows you to guarantee your interest rate and select the maturity date. Terms range from three months to five years, so you can earn at your own pace.

Variable Rate CD

If you are looking to grow your savings and want the flexibility to add funds as time goes by, our Variable Rate CD is a great option.